Two affordable drone models

Drones are the newest sensation for amateurs and professionals trying to capture extraordinary aerial photos and videos. This technology is developing so fast that, at this moment, they can be acquired at affordable prices, so even those who thought it impossible to buy one a couple of years before, can now be in possession of such a device. Unfortunately, it is hard to choose a model if you’ve never seen or used one before.

What should you expect from the models available on the market? How do they function and what are the top features they should include? These are all crucial, but hard to answer questions that any person who wants a model has on his or her mind. To answer that, I have chosen two drones, the first a more expensive model, the other a more affordable one and I’ve analyzed their features to see what they include and what you should expect when buying one.


The first is the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter. This is the latest model coming from a company that has delivered great products in the past few years. This model is an update to the older Phantom 3 and it uses the most advanced technological innovations available; it includes a 4K Video and 12.4 M Photo Camera; a remote controller that you can guide through a mobile app and an obstacle avoidance system based on a highly efficient sensor. So what does that mean for you?

borneo2This drone will be easy to control due to the familiar construction of the remote, it has a camera capable of live HD footage, it is able to track a moving object and will not smash itself into a building because it is smart enough not to do so. However, this is not all. You can control this flying camera from 3.1 miles away and you don’t have to worry about its return because the drone is programed to automatically return home when it is running low on batteries. Equipped with a 4480 mAh Lithium-Polymer, this device will offer you between 23 and 28 minutes flying time, depending on the flight conditions and what you require it  to do. No worries though, a LED will indicate if it is running low on battery. The drone comes with a battery charger, 4 pairs of propellers, 2 high-speed memory cards and a cleaning kit for the camera. The magnesium frame is lightweight, designed to minimize vibrations and improve balance.


borneo4The second model I believe is worth the money, but comes with a less increased price is the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter, a decent quality system that I would recommend for beginners. What makes it so fitted for people who have never used a drone before is its joystick like remote controller that puts all the commands at your service by simply pressing its buttons. It doesn’t include a pre-installed gimbal system and if you want one you need to pay extra money for it. The drone is able to shoot live 720 p videos, so the quality of the images will be satisfying. What you may not like about this product is that it is heavier and bigger than the first one and it offers approximately 15 to 20 minutes running time, so it is better suited for short flights. The good part is that it includes a GPS system and a return-to-home feature that will be activated automatically when the battery is running low.

As you may be able to notice, though the first product comes with a slightly increased price, you can rely on it to provide you with stunning and clear images and quality footage and it also comes with all accessories included. However, if you’re not ready to pay such an amount of money on one product, you can acquire the second, less expensive product and invest in additional gear in time.

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