Signstek FF-003 Review

As I plan on supplying you guys with the information I get from various sources on how stuff works, this time I decided for a fish finder. The model I want to review is called the Signstek FF-003 and I think it is a pretty good model that anglers should try if they want to improve the results of their fishing trips.

Fish finder

First of all, this fish finder is really inexpensive, which is a great plus for anyone who wants to first test a fish finder and see how it goes. Of course, you may find other fish finders that are more expensive and loaded with more features, but for what it does, I think this one is a really good deal for the money.


fish finder 2I highly recommend this model for beginners. Since it is not a complicated model, you do not need to be some rocket scientist to figure out how it works. I noticed, however, that it does not lack in the performance department, although it is cheaper than other models. The 100 levels of sensitivity make it a good buy, since you will be able to spot fish movements without too much trouble. Also, it has multiple levels for detecting depth range, so you will be able to chase after more species of fish depending on which depth they like swimming.


I am not exactly crazy about its small screen, but this is something to be expectedfish finder 3 from a model that is sold for such a great pricing. The resolution runs low, at 240×160 pixels, so do not expect some high fidelity performance from this one. Nonetheless, I believe that the shortcomings of this model are well compensated by the advantages it offers. The model gives you some good depth readings, and you can see the contour of the water body bottom, so you can establish at which depth you will find the fish you are after.


A quite interesting feature that I am pleased to find on the Signstek FF-003 is that it offers information on water temperature. For anglers who know which kind of fish likes what kind of water temperature, this can be quite a piece of invaluable information. I must add that it is very simple to handle this fish finder and this makes it quite a winner in my book. In case you do not want to spend a lot of money on a fish finder, but you do not want to sacrifice performance, either, this is a model to consider.

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