My review of the Standard Horizon CPN700i

If you are usually navigating around the US for fishing purposes or others, you may surely want to acquire such a unit. The Standard Horizon CPN700i is a fully equipped chart plotter that may be used for a variety of tasks.


The first reason for which you’ll want to buy this, is its extensive preloaded chart database. The plotter comes equipped with Jeppesen coastal navigation maps of USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Great Lakes, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central America. So, no matter where you go, this unit has your back. The charts are displayed on a 7 diagonal screen that offers a clear resolution and the possibility of being split into two separate images, so that you can have access at two different sets of information at once. For example, you can use one half of the screen to display a map and the other your internet browser. The device allows you to zoom on the map to give you a better idea on the area and other locations that you might miss at first sight. Additionally, it is designed to be visible even in sunlight, so you can easily mount it on the deck and have it prepared for any situation.


You can navigate through its system using the three operating modes: the touch screen, the ShuttlePoint knob that controls the cursor and the push knob.

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The product has an internal GPS antenna that will help you calculate your course easily and efficiently. For a better GPS connection you can add an external antenna, as the signal may be lost in some areas. Also, the unit can be connected to Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi. Due to this unique feature, you’ll be able to stay connected, check your emails, your social media accounts and upload photos and news about your navigation adventures. In addition, you will be kept posted with the latest Jeppesen’s C-Weather forecasting that will inform you on temperatures, wind direction and speed, wave heights and other input that you may find useful.  Moreover, the unit is endowed with a USB port so that you are able to connect other devices to it. You can, this way, connect your iPod or mp3 player and listen to music or an audio book, as the panel has built-in audio speakers. However, if the speakers are not loud enough for your taste, you can connect another set of speakers using the auxiliary jack. If you have a video camera on the boat, you can also keep an eye on it using the plotter’s screen.


Lastly, the unit is fitted with a swivel mounting bracket that will allow you to rotate the display in any position you want to obtain a better view. With such an instrument around, nothing bad could ever happen to you or to your boat and you will be able to explore any place you want.


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