Expensive fishing reels


Carrying a fixed, open-faced spool design, a fishing reel doesn’t always have to be expensive. The design of fishing reels is pretty basic. You have a stationary spool positioned in line with your fishing rod. Spinning around the fixed spool is the rotor or line guide. Geared to mount below your rod, your fishing reel is held in one hand while the other hand turns the crank. Despite the greater price, what do fishing reels at the higher end of the spectrum really have? Let’s take a look at the Daiwa Millionare.


Quality construction and machining


A fishing reel has to be light enough to enable you to handle long casting days. However, it should still be strong enough to withstand the torque of a big, fighting fish. High quality models feature all-metal components. The more expensive fishing reels are constructed with complex alloys that complement the lightweight metal used in their construction. Other reels feature airframe technology in their construction, with parts of the reel made lighter by drilling or machining out portions of them.

You can choose from all-metal, graphite or copolymer hybrid, and plain copolymer or graphite for the frame type. For a reel to be genuinely rugged and dependable, you will want it to be all metal. However, some less pricey reels offer improved designs with their metal-supported shafts and bearings. What is ultimately essential is for the bearings not to become misaligned too easily, overheat or wear too much in the midst of a fierce battle with the fish.


You want tighter tolerances for top quality bearing seats, with reduced wobble, longer bearing life and smoother cranking. A finely machined reel is able to handle pressure on the shaft well if the handle or spool does not move even slightly. Most likely, this is where a more expensive fishing reel proves to be a better choice.


Quality components


Too much vibration and noise are signs of a poor quality fishing reel. They can also be annoying when experienced on a regular basis. Your retrieves are ultimately better with more bearings, which make for smoother reeling in and also reduce vibration and noise. That being said, a model with four quality bearings can provide better performance compared to a reel with ten poor quality bearings. Saltwater fishing reels need to be equipped with premium quality ball bearings. The investment you make in this kind of reel will be worth it if you look into what salt corrosion can do to an inferior quality reel.

For corrosion resistance, look for reels with bearings made of chromium added to stainless steel. Some fishing reel makers manufacture products using Anti Rust Bearings (ARB), which are top quality components. Bearing life is longer with high-grade lubricant used in premium quality units.


Reliable functionality


The suitable gear ratio of your reel is determined by the target species you will be fishing. In terms of drag, choose between front and rear adjustment. Larger fishing reels are engineered for bigger fresh and saltwater fish. They are also made to handle the heaviest line weights. Check out the line capacity of the spool before buying. Do not attempt to load line beyond the indicated size and capacity for the reel to avoid tangling or line breakage problems. Do think about your comfort and convenience when using the reel. While most reels offer ambidextrous designs, others are restricted to either left-hand or right-hand use.


The bottomline here: buying a better quality reel brings fewer regrets in the long run. If you are to choose a top rated model, go for the Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire. This fishing reel delivers in all of the aspects mentioned above, with its impressive 5.8:1 Gear Ratio. Made of super lightweight aluminum alloy, this instrument boasts a super tuned machine-cut spool that provides superb balance. The carbon swept handle ensures a lightweight design with maximum control and leverage. The EVA double handle knob delivers user comfort. Equipped with high-grade brass drive gear and stainless steel pinion, this fishing reel features a strong, one-piece aluminum frame that ensures years of integrity. The power handle and infinite anti-reverse feature provide problem-free performance for years. The aluminum sideplate and frame resist corrosion and chipping for dependable saltwater and freshwater use. This is the best reel to get if you have the budget for it.


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