About this blog

Hi everyone, I am Chris, an engineer with a passion for how stuff works, and with a knack for fishing and hunting gadgets in particular. I am reading all the time about all kinds of fishing and hunting gear that you can take with you to the great outdoors, in order to track schools of fish, or detect prey. Because I simply like small gadgets, my attention is oriented towards whatever can be useful for anglers and hunters.


Since I read about a lot of stuff and I take the effort to understand howfishing electronics this stuff works, I thought about starting a blog dedicated to explaining more about various gadgets. I will be writing reviews on the latest models and I can tell you which ones are worth taking into consideration and which ones are the most useful. I am not particularly hunting for bargains, but if there is some great gadget that is on sale, I will let you know.


It is quite amazing how technology has started to assist us in every aspect of our lives. However, instead of being dependent on it for everything, I like to think that as humans, we can use it and control it to our best interests.


droneThis blog will provide info about drones and RC cars. It is really amazing how long these machines have come. If you used to think that RC cars were only for kids, think again. Now you can use these vehicles for more than just playing. With the help of drones, you can visualize your surroundings from above. This can be particularly helpful while you are on a hunting trip. Besides the fact that you will be able to see everything from above, something you may not have thought of before, unless you had ever planned a helicopter ride, you will be able to enhance your success rate as a hunter.


Hunting and fishing electronics are next on my list. I am reading a lot about fish finders,hunting electronics GPS units for hunting, flashlights, trail cameras, and all kinds of stuff that can help you become a better hunter or angler. Since I am a fan of technology, I am glad that I can use it during my trips, so I can always have the highest success rate..


Hi-fi equipment will also have its place in the pages of my blog. No matter what you want to learn, you will be able to do so, from here!