2 RC cars every grownup should own

Radio-controlled cars or remote-controlled cars are vehicles that you can guide from a distance using a remote. As they are not as expensive as a real car is, participating in a competition using such a gadget is affordable and fun. Moreover, since you are not the one doing the driving, there are zero chances that you get involved in an accident and get hurt.


Racing with such a car is also extremely affordable for everyone, as it doesn’t require a lot of money to buy one and the fees for participating in the races don’t cost more than a few dollars. As such, if you loved playing with toys RC cars as a kid and feel a strange need to go back to those times now and then, you can try participating in an event using a competitive car.



One of the best cars in the RC category that you should “take for a spin” is the Traxxas XO-1. It is one of the fastest RC’s available on the market and it can also be improved if you use high-quality batteries and add useful accessories to it. It can reach 100 mph with its basic features, but it can go much more than that if you learn how to handle it well. In addition, it comes with a stylish design and is available in various colors. Even if it is a speed car, the manufacturers have ensured to make this RC easy to control and stable enough even at higher speeds.


borneo5The Traxxas XO-1 is a sport car, especially designed for speed races. Many RC addicts prefer operating off road vehicles that they can drive through obstacles and rough terrain. There’s a wide range of such vehicles from which you can choose and it is hard to pinpoint which is the best of them. However, an extremely adaptable and smartly engineered car is the Traxxas Stampede, a model that has been produced by the company since 1994. It comes equipped with a couple of great features from the factory, a 12-turn engine or a 3500Kv brushless motor. As it is easily upgradeable, you can improve its performances quickly. It is quite sturdily built and it won’t break at a stronger shock. However, even if it does, you can easily find spare parts for it and at a good price, precisely because it has been in production for so long and it is such a popular truck.


The variety of vehicles available in RC vehicles racing makes it possible for anyone to take up this type of competition and allows veteran participants to try on new things. Nevertheless, if you want a competitive RC automobile, you must at least once drive one of the two mentioned above.



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